I’m Ramon de Haan (he/him), and currently a PhD student in Cultural Anthropology at The New School for Social Research in New York. In my department, I served two years as the president of the Anthropology Student Association, and taught my first self-designed undergraduate course in the Fall of 2021. I fantasize a lot about worlds without our current systems of oppression, and I am politically active as a board member of the Dumont-Huiswoud Foundation, the International Bureau of the Dutch political party BIJ1 (see an English version of the party platform here).

I grew up in the Netherlands as a cis gay man with a mixed Afro-Surinamese (Creools) and white Dutch background. After completing my bachelors in Liberal Arts and Sciences at Amsterdam University College in 2015, I moved to New York and started the MA in Anthropology at The New School.

In my free time I enjoy nerding out with Star Trek (talk to me about Discovery, Lower Decks, Voyager, Strange New Worlds, The Next Generation, etc.), Afrofuturist literature and music, watching various animated shows (like Bob’s Burgers, Futurama, the Simpsons, and more), and most of all spending precious time with my partner.

View over Lisbon from the Miradouro da Graça. Photo taken by me on June 29, 2022.