Week 5: Activism, Antiracist, Decolonizing Anthropology (2)

Monday, September 27

For today, prepare:

  • Read (19 pages)
    Mullings, Leith. 2005. “Interrogating Racism: Toward an Antiracist Anthropology.” Annual Review of Anthropology 34: 667–93.
  • Read (19 pages): 
    Allen, Jafari Sinclair, and Ryan Cecil Jobson. 2016. “The Decolonizing Generation: (Race and) Theory in Anthropology since the Eighties.” Current Anthropology 57 (2): 129–48.
  • Read (22 pages): 
    Harrison, Faye V. 1991. “Ethnography as Politics.” In Decolonizing Anthropology: Moving Further toward an Anthropology of Liberation, edited by Faye V. Harrison, 88–110. Arlington: Association of Black Anthropologists and American Anthropological Association.

Wednesday, September 29

For today, prepare:

  • Read (20 pages + 18 pages + 22 pages + 12 pages)
    Alonso Bejarano, Carolina, Lucia López Juárez, Mirian A. Mijangos García, and Daniel M. Goldstein. 2019. Decolonizing Ethnography: Undocumented Immigrants and New Directions in Social Science. Durham, NC: Duke University Press.
    • Chapter 2: Journeys toward Decolonizing
    • Chapter 3: Reflections on Fieldwork in New Jersey
    • Chapter 4: Undocumented Activist Theory and a Decolonial Methodology
    • Conclusion
    • (Chapter 5 is not required, but go ahead and read it if you want)

Supplemental Resources:

  • Hall‐Clifford, Rachel. 2020. “Applied Anthropology, Activism, and Loss: Experiences from Highland Guatemala.” Annals of Anthropological Practice 44 (2): 198–201. https://doi.org/10.1111/napa.12151.
  • Clarke, Kamari M. 2010. “Toward a Critically Engaged Ethnographic Practice.” Current Anthropology 51 (S2): S301–12.
  • Low, Setha M., and Sally Engle Merry. 2010. “Engaged Anthropology: Diversity and Dilemmas: An Introduction to Supplement 2.” Current Anthropology 51 (S2): S203–26. https://doi.org/10.1086/653837.
  • Hooker, Juliet, ed. 2020. Black and Indigenous Resistance in the Americas: From Multiculturalism to Racist Backlash. Translated by Giorleny Altamirano Rayo, Aileen Ford, and Steven Lownes. Lanham: Lexington Books.
  • AnthroPod episode “Raciolinguistic Ideologies and Decolonizing Anthropology: A Conversation with Jonathan Rosa” https://culanth.org/fieldsights/raciolinguistic-ideologies-and-decolonizing-anthropology-a-conversation-with-jonathan-rosa