Week 7: Black Feminist Anthropology (2)

Monday, October 11

For today, prepare:

  • Read: Perry, Keisha-Khan Y. 2013. Black Women Against the Land Grab: The Fight for Racial Justice in Brazil. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press. 
    • Introduction: Diasporic Blackness and Afro-Brazilian Agency
    • Chapter 1: Engendering the Grassroots

Wednesday, October 13

For today, prepare:

  • Read (24 pages): 
    Berry, Maya J., Claudia Chávez Argüelles, Shanya Cordis, Sarah Ihmoud, and Elizabeth Velásquez Estrada. 2017. “Toward a Fugitive Anthropology: Gender, Race, and Violence in the Field.” Cultural Anthropology 32 (4): 537–65. https://doi.org/10.14506/ca32.4.05.
  • Read (17 pages): Pierre, Jemima. 2008. “Activist Groundings or Groundings for Activism? The Study of Racialization as a Site of Political Engagement.” In Engaging Contradictions: Theory, Politics, and Methods of Activist Scholarship, edited by Charles R. Hale, 115–135. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.