My Research

My current research interests (still in development!) are informed by my own experiences and aspirations:

  1. My main PhD project, tentatively and awkwardly titled: Reparations, Transformative Justice, and Speculative Futures: Imagining and Actualizing Black Liberation in the Afro-Dutch Diaspora.
  2. A more pedagogically and institutionally oriented project around reimagining what a university can and should be, and what teaching could look like when we adopt an abolitionist stance.

PhD Project

My PhD project focuses on social, political, cultural, activist movements and actors working towards a “less anti-Black future” (in the words of Olúfemi Táíwò at the annual meeting of the AAA in 2021). While my project is still in development, I’m hoping to engage specifically with folks in Suriname, the Dutch Caribbean islands (especially Curaçao and Sint Maarten), and the European Netherlands, paying special attention to the diasporic movements and connections made between these locations.

Sunset in Ericeira, Portugal. Photo taken by me on June 25, 2022.